Painting I 

An introduction to oil painting, focusing on painting from direct observation. Topics to be covered include: materials, palette, understanding perceptual color and color theory, and development of the painting through use of layers, value, mark-making, composition, light, and space. 

Perception Into Abstraction 

Investigation of the abstraction of visual phenomena. Various starting points and approaches will be studied. Emphasis on the analysis of form and the creation of pictorial structure, as well as the conceptual basis of perceptual abstraction. 

Figure Painting 

Introduction to representational and interpretive figure painting and to contemporary issues in figurative painting. The model as well as other visual sources will be used as a basis for observation, interpretation and invention. 

Landscape Painting

Exploration of perceptual and conceptual approaches to painting the landscape. Both traditional and experimental techniques of oil painting will be studied. Includes outdoor on-site painting. 


Contemporary approaches to the use of imagery in painting. Projects emphasize the systematic alteration of color, form and space through strategies of reduction, omission, distortion and compositing.


An introduction to the material, formal, and conceptual aspects of abstract painting. Projects will explore a variety of starting points for the invention of form in painting. Examines the construction of meaning in modern and contemporary abstract painting through studio work, discussion, writing assignments and lectures.  


Introductory course presenting basic materials and techniques of watercolor, gouache, and acrylic painting. Form and composition to be studied through observation and imagination. Traditional techniques as well as experimentation and personal expression are to be explored. 

Advanced Painting  

Intensive course for those art majors concentrating in painting. Extended, individually determined projects will emphasize production of a well researched, conceptually grounded and cohesive body of work. Supplemented by reading, writing and discussion of contemporary issues in painting. 


Examination of concepts and themes relevant to the contemporary practice of painting, accompanied by the production of an individually determined body of work. Emphasis on studio work supplemented by research, critique, reading and writing.